Nights And Transports In Seville



Sevilla is great for going out due to the huge variety of venues in a small area. You can easily visit four or five completely different bars without walking more than ten minutes between any of them.

The inhabitants of Seville know how to enjoy their free time and it is said that they “live in the street” and at night the streets and bars are full of locals and tourists.

Seville takes its history as does Malaga and all of Andalucia from North Africa. The Moors where muslim inhabitants of Maghreb which occupied North Africa and invaded Spain in 712. They called this territory Al-Andalus

Nightlife in The Barrio de Santa Cruz

Many of the locals in this traditional part of town close already around midnight, but until then you may have loads of fun. You will find here many typical bars offering delicious “Tapas” and regional wines. It’s recommended for the first drink of the night.

Nightlife in The Center

Specially around Iglesia del Salvador and in the area of Alfalfa you will find crowded locals and large groups of youngsters using streets and squares as an extension of their favourite bar.

Also you’ll find here a wide range of bars and discotheques with a lot of night-time activity.

Nightlife in the Park of Maria Luisa

Here you will find nice summer terraces, many of them in the old pavilions of the Exposition of 1929, close to the Theater Lope de Vega. Many locals play dance music, and the party takes until the early morning.

Nightlife Along the River

During the summer, because of the heat, the most enjoyable spots are the numerous open-air bars set up along both sides of the river.

Public transportation system





Sevilla has a great public transportation system. The buses run frequently and cover the majority of the city in their routes.

You can purchase bus cards at any news stand. Green = 5 euro for 10 trips and red = 8 euro for 10 trips and transfers are allowed.

Sevici bikes are available throughout the city with special docking stations that allow you to easily grab a bike and go whereever you need, then drop it off at another station when you arrive.

Bikes cost 5 euro for a week pass, which allows the first 1/2 hour free and subsequent hours are a euro each.

Also, year passes can be purchased for 10 euro with each half hour free and additional hours 50 euro cents.

A trolley system is currently being incorporated into Sevilla’s local transportation and is running from the San Sabastian Bus Station to the Plaza de Nueva but is expanding North and West into Triana.

Taxi’s easily accessable throughout the city. Many offer decent rates, but tourists beware of the possibility of a crooked cabie.

Sevilla By Metro

Seville’s spanking new metro opened on the April 1st 2009. It follows a 18 kilometre reverse U from the south-west to the south-east through the southern end of the city centre where it stops at Plaza de Cuna, Prado and San Bernado.

Tickets are €1.75 for a single zone or €4.50 for all 3 zones., and metro runs from 6.30AM-11PM on weekdays, and late departures are available on Fridays and Saturdays until 2 o’clock.


Internet’s Role In Travelling

How Does The Internet Influence Travelling


The Internet is an ever-growing medium that has the ability to complete tasks at lightning speed. Planning and booking a vacation has become virtually effortless when using the Internet.

Today, there are online travel agencies that make it possible to plan a vacation around your schedule, any time of the day or night. Best of all, many of these online agencies offer the same types of travel packages and customer support that you would find with a local brick and mortar counterpart.

Below are some reasons why you should consider reserving your next vacation with one of these online agencies.

Many believe that one of the most enticing attributes of the online travel agency is the ability to review your options and book your trip at any time of the day or night.

This is ideal for busy people who simply do not have the time to call or visit a local agency during working hours. Even if it is midnight when you have time to begin putting together your travel package it is not a problem for an online travel agency.

Along with the time advantage, you also have the option to begin assembling your travel package, and, if necessary, saving it to complete at a later time.

This function is extremely helpful when you need to verify a date or other information relevant to the vacation before proceeding with booking a reservation. When this option is available, there is no worry about having to start over and re-enter any of the data. Simply log back in and pick up where you left off.

For people who have an aversion to overly zealous salespeople, going with an online travel agency is an especially positive experience.

There is the benefit of having all the information at your fingertips without anyone around to prod you in the direction of this week’s special travel package.

You can evaluate your options at your leisure, conduct searches while you think of other amenities or arrangements you would like to add to the package, and in general move at your own pace.

Documentation is one concern many people have when it comes to using an online travel agency. The good news is that most of the online agencies provide everything you need in two ways.

First, there is always the option of logging into your account and accessing the data directly on the web site. In many cases, the documents are also available in a format that is easy to download and print.

Just about every online agency will also provide a confirmation email with information about the specifics of your travel package. In most cases, you have everything you need in short amount of time, even if your plans are somewhat complicated.

Another key concern many consumers have with an online travel agency is the ability to get assistance when it is needed. In many cases, online agencies do provide customer support with a toll free number, as well as email access.

Some of the larger agencies that deal with international travel will also have an online help desk that is maintained around the clock. With this feature, you are able to exchange messages in real time with a customer service agent who can access your travel itinerary.

The agent can assist you when there is some sort of snag with the hotel reservation, or if an emergency requires you to cancel upcoming legs of the trip and return home immediately.

While some people assume that any type of purchases online are more expensive than buying from a brick and mortar establishment, that is not always the case.

In fact, some of the online travel agencies will offer online discounts that are better than any discounts you can obtain from a local agency.

Even if no discounts are available, there is still an excellent chance that the online agency can at least match any price you could get locally.

Between the convenience, the excellent customer service, and the package options, booking your next vacation with an online travel agency is well worth your time and your money.

Spend some time today checking out different online agencies. Chances are you will be pleased with what you see.


3 Steps To Get The Cheapest Transfer from (AGP) Malaga Airport

Let me guess, you have planned meticulously for your summer holiday.

Suitcase weighed – check

New clothes – check

Passport and booking number confirmation printed off – check

Have you booked your holiday transfer from Malaga Airport? err……. I will just grab a taxi when we get there is the normal reaction.

Dont worry if this is you as we highlight a few tips in this post to help you get the best price.

What You Will Learn

  • How to search for a reliable taxi company
  • Howe to ask the right questions to get the best airport transfer
  • How not to get ripped off
  • How To plan ahead
  • How To Get The cheapest taxi tariffs



Malaga Airport is 3 hours from most UK airports and the general consensus is that the holiday starts in the airport bar. Once the hard work of booking the holiday and accommodation is taken care of the transfers are an after thought.

Dont Get Ripped Off

Unfortunately, that’s where you stand to lose out and get hit big time by tax companies waiting for you outside Malaga Airport’s gleeming new terminal.

You see taxis in Spain only take 4 people period.

No squashing an extra one no matter how small, even a toddler. No baby seats are generally on hand so if your traveling with kids forget that. Planning ahead is the only solution.


A great overview on how to save money below

Most taxis dont operate using meters, they carry clipboards and gauge the destination by the furthest point on your transfers, then there is the language barrier just to throw a spanner in the works when your not happy with the tariff.

Its surprising how little English they know when its time to pay the bill 🙂

Getting the best Minibus company at the Cheapest rates

So our guidelines to follow to get the best rates from Malaga Airport are as follows:

  • Search for a minibus company before you set off.
  • Send a template email requesting a total cost for your transfer to your destination.
  • Note which company gets back first.
  • Shortlist 3 top companies.
  • Send the same questions to all 3 companies.
  • Play off the best priced company against the second best to see if they will reduce the fair
  • Request if they have special luggage trailers for golf clubs or extra suitcase if travelling in groups
  • See if they allow pay on arrival and only pay the first leg of the journey.

From our experience there are several minibus companies that offer a professional service. And the link above compares the best airport transfers from Malaga Airport To Puerto Banus with example prices, its well worth a read.

Comparing Oranges with Apples

When you are comparing prices for different minibus services make sure you are comparing like for like.


For example if you are only traveling in a group of 4 then don’t book a minibus. If you are in a group of 16 golfers make sure that they include extra trailer to carry your golf clubs. You can hire clubs or contact local golf package operators to organize for free club hire.

Do you have to pay for baby seats? Is the price your quoted the price you pay or are there hidden extras?

Will you get dropped off at your destination or only close by? Will the company wait for you at your destination and charge a extra fee for example if its a day trip to Alhambra Palace.

Some companies operate illegally in Spain so do check they have a license and are fully insured before you book with a company. There are several renowned companies that operate illegally and they will not meet you in the airport as they don’t have a license they will ask you to meet outside or in a car park away from the am in arrivals hall.

And some companies only operate a shuttle service and will ask you to combine your transfer with other passengers to share the experience! Sometimes this involves a stop off or two so will delay your airport transfer.

Some companies also operate via an agent so your request comes in via a website and your transfer gets tendered out to the cheapest company prepared to take this on. Meaning you don’t always get the level of service you are requesting because the agent is touting the price out to the cheapest company prepared to take it.